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TechLab Competition Entries

TechLab's current writing competition, where competitors can take up to 300 words to answer the question: What Would You Do With A Galaxy Note II on the Telecom SmartPhone Network? has recieved some great entries so far (some of these can be read below).

If you know what you would do with the Galaxy Note II on the Telecom SmartPhone Network submit your entry in the comments here.

All you have to do is tell us what would you do with it if you won? Samsung Galaxy Note II
Patrick Latu

If I had won this addictive piece of technology, I would make it my life partner. My unauthorised biographer of me, my family and our times together before they move on to start families of their own.

I would make the Galaxy Note II my fitness buddy and my journal. The Galaxy Note II would help me with planning my partner's surprise birthday parties as well as our kids' 21st parties by allowing me and my partner to embarrass our kids for our pleasure in return for not seeing our points of view. LOL.

The point is that the Samsung galaxy note II would be my Tonto with me as the Lone Ranger. Starskey and Hutch. Shrek and the donkey. What guy doesn't want a friend like that?

Oh and don't forget the most important thing about a friend is reliability. I know this to be the case because it will run on telecom
smartphone network.

But hey that's IF I WON.

Note II competition
Bruce Spedding

I'm devoted to promoting windsurfing as a sport for all ages from 7 to 70.

As the current president of Windsurfing NZ I maintain websites and facebook pages with photos and articles, promote events on eventfinder, send write-ups and press releases to New Zealand and overseas sailing and surfing publications, and generally support the sport in any way I can.

I would use the Note II to support these activities, post event reports, photos and videos in real time from the events.

I would also use it as a test device for a redeveloped responsive www.windsurfingnz.org website, and windsurfing related apps (such as weather, location guide, equipment selector). Windsurfing is a significant niche tourist activity, and growing the sport both domestically and as a visitor attraction will also help the sports industry in New Zealand.
It would allow me to stay in touch with the scattered windsurfing community while on the road.

Scoop Techlab: Writing Competition Entry
Aaron Kirk

“What would you do with a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note II on the Telecom SmartPhone Network?”

Typically, everyone goes for the stock standard cheaper value phones, brands and what have you. Telecom and Samsung, have always given something different and better, every time.

I would take my "Note II" with me on my horse herding cows, sheep and on the occasional hunt. Fishing off the rocks and capturing the moment of reeling in a huge snapper or kahawai would not go amiss. I want to capture "mini moments" that mean a lot to me, my family and friends. Birthdays, weddings and special occasions are few and far between on the East Coast, but with this new SmartPhone, more moments could be had.

I want to share and organise my life in a way that takes the hassle out of technology woes, that country folk usually have a hard time getting familiar with. My writing is just as bad, but I know that no matter how messy that may be, recognition and predicting what I am trying to write is easy for this device. Which works great!

I often get into creative mode whilst trekking with my horse "Apache". We spend a lot of time together. Because of the time him and I spend out in wilderness, we have grown a liking to enjoying the amazing views we are blessed with. He is also quite the model, knowing exactly when to look at the camera and pose in front of a view that people pay lots of money for.

Winning this Samsung Galaxy Note II will allow me to do and enjoy even more so, this small part of my life. I have Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and they are all waiting for better quality pictures, videos and content I know I can produce using this awesome SmartPhone. You would make this farm boy one happy tech-user.

Competition - Samsung Galaxy Note II
Almiro Clere

To whom it may concern,

I have decided to write a poem about what having a Samsung would be like.

It is called "The Day I won a Samsung Galaxy Note II"

One fortuitous day I won a extraordinary phone, A Samsung Galaxy Note Two,
It replaced my old phone, so much so that now I could be part of the cool kids crew.

The competition was run by an ground-breaking website named Scoop, The organisers requested a few words, I thought this is me and let a "woop!"

The competition was fierce, and rivals submissions were impressive,
But nothing took the fancy of the judges more than my prose they dubbed "expressive"

Prior to winning I was using a dodgy phone,
I was told it would survive everything, I should have known.

But earlier that week the phone went all nuts and had more mess than ever before,
"Ha-ha-ha! No refund!" said the men at that evil department store.

I cursed them all, went out and looked at my expensive precious device of mine, 
The road home was very heavy and rough to walk with a hell of a steep incline.

But now I have a Samsung-phone, a Galaxy Note II, and it seemed that it was a real bad-ass of the year. 
"Great!" I said. "Finally a phone who will work as good as japanese differential gear!"

There are some other troubles that still haunting and bothers me from the stupid past, 
Blaming at my Taiwanese phone and its new lame brother who may not this year outlast.

I really hope I don't get any trouble with this brand new Samsung Notebook II of yours,
Because I think it deserves a shot despite all this and a good walk in the sun outdoors.

Samsung, Samsung, Samsung, you are more than just a notebook,
My life has been turned around, you have me on the hook!

You are my bridge for keeping touch with everybody
Without you my life would simply have become completely shoddy.

It is for you that I am always in the loop about what is happening in the lives of my friends
I have all of their latest news, being without you would be like being a diver with the bends

You are always there to help me to contact and get contacted, no matter where I am
Whether I am at the office desk or driving in the road, I just give it a damn.

It is for you that I never feel away from my home even while being so far away, 
I mean it, dear, now I cannot survive without you even for a day.

What would I do with a new Samsung
Raman Chhima

As part of my volunteer work with the Cancer society, I am a facilitator for promoting men's health.

I would use this tablet to demonstrate the use of Get The Tools web site.

This is done at a variety of locations and varying number of persons. Where one to one discussions are taking place this unit would be most useful.

By having this unit, it frees up my private laptop that I am currently using.

Samsung Galaxy Promotion
George Phillips

My name is George and currently I'm a student studying in Wellington.

A Samsung Galaxy Note II would the perfect phone for me! As of the beginning of the year, my sister moved to Dunedin for her study, and obviously I miss her a whole heap. Email, Facebook and text are fairly lousy when your missing someone, and being students neither of us have access to landlines or unlimited credit in order to talk. The perfect solution would be to Skype! Having this phone would mean that I could Skype at almost any time, which would mean a lot to me and my sister.

Writing Competition: Galaxy Note II
Nic Lane

I would put it in my pocket. Then if I needed to do party tricks or maybe even business stuff I would pull it out and use some sweet android app to do it all!

What would I do with a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note II on the Telecom Smartphone network
Shirley Hiscock

What would I do with a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note II on the Telecom Smartphone Network? I would email all my kids a picture of me using the latest technology to prove the over 60"s need state of the art technology.


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