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Samsung Galaxy Note II Competition Winning Entry - by Dana


Scoop TechLab Competition Winning Entry:



On the 24th October 2012  I had, in my eyes,  the world's most beautiful baby. The Galaxy Note II would be the ultimate mobile Mummy device.  

Firstly I would use it to capture and share the  day to day life of my little man. Memories would be preserved by using the 'Photo Note' to jot when a  milestone was reached, first words said or a wickedly embarassing 21st  birthday antic occured.  My inner artist would be fed by designing images  from his cute mug for e-messages and pictures to spam share with my social networks.  And the high quality screen would, I feel, do him justice when I am showing off photos and videos to family, friends, checkout chicks, random cafe strangers. 

Secondly, I'm a mummy on a mission to ensure that he is as beautiful inside as he is out and the Galaxy would be my excellent assistant, the one that hasn't been sleep deprived! The 'Easy Clip' would be used daily to snip ideas researched online. Words of wisdom would be jotted down during those urgent "My baby is dying!" calls to grandma. 

Thirdly, when I have a rare mummy-free moment and need to plan appointments, write emails, catchup on news, and, of course, re-review photos of my gorgeous wee man, I will use the Galaxy multi-window to knock the jobs off, anywhere, anytime when that  rare beast of baby-free time occurs. 

Finally, the Galaxy would help my baby be even more beautiful: yes, even my dear boy has his ugly moments when he can't have a plastic bag to suck on or my favourite watch to chew, so the Galaxy will be the perfect tantrum distraction device.

By Dana B.


Note: This text was an entry submitted for the Samsung Galaxy Note II competition that was enabled by Telecom NZ. Scoop TechLab is a project of Scoop Independent Media http://www.scoop.co.nz. You can find more about the Galaxy Note II on the Telecom website and Scoop TechLab.


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