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Samsung Galaxy Note II Competition Finalist - by Whaitiri


Scoop TechLab Competition Finalists Entry:


You see, I have a room in my mind where I could imagine what life with the Galaxy Note II would be like. I could dare to imagine ultra communication with the world, and If I had one, a significant other as well. My prospects on all levels would be massively increased because my life and conceptual reality, I'm sorry to report, would no longer be condemned to the back water of redundant technology. I feel literally and communicatively 'stuck in second gear' without third gear or the benefits of hypo thrusters. It would be an infinitely bigger and brighter world than the limited vodafone mobile LED dinosaur and decade old toshiba laptop, I currently possess (the impact of this reality i leave to your imagination and conscience). I am not denying the importance these devices have had in my life, there is no denying that reality. But as 'modern post feminist woman' native to these shores I could not function normally with them either. Who could??? Even though it causes acute embarrassment in a smart techno savy public oozing normality, everytime i have had to pull these dinosaurs out. to use.

To not overstate the issue, If i had a galaxy Note II, i would be accelerating the messager to receiver construct and vice versa flicking over and over again the net, cyber space ... the galaxy and back again. Just for the excitement and the, as yet (in my life) untapped, unseen opportunities in it!!!

Life with a Galaxy Note II would be infinitely better!!!

Whaitiri M.


Note: This text was an entry submitted for the Samsung Galaxy Note II competition that was enabled by Telecom NZ. Scoop TechLab is a project of Scoop Independent Media http://www.scoop.co.nz. You can find more about the Galaxy Note II on the Telecom website and Scoop TechLab.


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