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Samsung Galaxy Note II Competition Finalist - by Sandeep


Scoop TechLab Competition Finalists Entry:



With a Galaxy Note II, I'd be "over the moon!"

I'd use it to listen to the latest "Beiber" tunes!


Via its trusty S-Pen, I'd write autographs and marvellously cheesy quotes!

And escape the dog box by scribbling handwritten love notes!

I'd also employ it to take over the family remote!


I'd be speedy Gonzales with my Note's Air View 

Who said men can't multitask too?

I'd Skype, Twitter and chat

To loved ones, comrades, even the cat! 


No more cinema visits for me

Instead, I’d watch "Titanic", err, I mean “Die hard” on my big screen! 

Even Great-Gran will be able to see!


We'd caption and share all my balmy photos

Take my "best shot" forward, better than winning lotto!

I'd use it to read "50 Shades of Grey"

Uh, perhaps I should save that one for another day


Together, we'd follow trailblazing news

While waiting in otherwise mundane queues

I'd check out the latest "scoop" 

Make sure I was always in the loop!


With over 97% coverage

We're bound to "connect", I gauge

She'd recognize my voice, capture snaps when I say "cheese"

Such wonders will never cease!


She'd hold all lifeline apps

With her as my GPS, I'd throw out my maps!

We'd make lightning fast exchanges with the "S-Beam”

Together, we'd dare to dream


Roomy, "noted too" and so "SMART"

I'd take her everywhere. We'd never part! 

She’d bring out my inner creative child

The two of us will be "roaming" wild!


As my number one girl,

We'd "virtually" travel the world!



You're sure to be....

My journal, planner, dear diary all in one

We'd have endless fun!


My one and only android

You’d fill my technical void 


Oh Galaxy, Oh "jelly bean"

Without you, I wouldn't want to be seen!


By Sandeep C.


Note: This text was an entry submitted for the Samsung Galaxy Note II competition that was enabled by Telecom NZ. Scoop TechLab is a project of Scoop Independent Media http://www.scoop.co.nz. You can find more about the Galaxy Note II on the Telecom website and Scoop TechLab.


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