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Samsung Galaxy Note II Competition Finalist - by Charlotte


Scoop TechLab Competition Finalists Entry:


I’d never sleep again, I would need to be the most agile person in the house, keeping my wits about me as it would be the most sought after treasure in our home.  How do I know this?  My Uncle and I were stuck outside an office building after hours  in Turangi trying to raise one of the 2 staff inside.  My phone,  a device of 3G Vintage (the proud owner for 3 months a 1-day cheapie) gurgled and spluttered through the motions with me banging it with a series of thumping actions.  My Uncle, whipped what looked like a stunted reading tablet and within 2 light touches got us into the building.  The next day I was at the airport, saw the same Uncle and we spent another hour playing with what I know now is  Galaxy Note II,  I don’t normally play with smart phones or see them as anything other than search engine with calling facilities.  I have 3 children (24, 10 and 4 yrs in age) a house full of caos and a new business (just started, hence the 3G low level of investment for this struggling start up).  Over two short chance meetings I became obsessed with Galaxy Note Book II, I looked online at what magic it might bring to my busy life.  This beauty I could see would actually aid my busy day to day life, making it easy and un complicated with untroubled access to messages, email, skype with brilliant visual presentation.  I vowed I would squirrel away some $ away, the type of $ usually saved in the sock drawer to put the husband off the scent of indulging the kids, these $ would have been invested into a Galaxy for meeeeeeee!

by Charlotte S.


Note: This text was an entry submitted for the Samsung Galaxy Note II competition that was enabled by Telecom NZ. Scoop TechLab is a project of Scoop Independent Media http://www.scoop.co.nz. You can find more about the Galaxy Note II on the Telecom website and Scoop TechLab.


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