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Samsung Galaxy Note II Competition Finalist - by Almiro


Scoop TechLab Competition Finalists Entry:


To whom it may concern, I have decided to write a poem about what having a Samsung would be like.  It is called "The Day I won a Samsung Galaxy Note II"


One fortuitous day I won a extraordinary phone, A Samsung Galaxy Note Two,

It replaced my old phone, so much so that now I could be part of the cool kids crew.

The competition was run by an ground-breaking website named scoop,

The organisers requested a few words, I thought this is me and let a "woop!"

The competition was fierce, and rivals submissions were impressive,

By nothing took the fancy of the judges more than my prose they dubbed "expressive"

Prior to winning I was using a dodgy phone,
I was told it would survive everything, I should have known. 

But earlier that week the phone went all nuts and had more mess than ever before, 
"Ha-ha-ha! No refund!" said the men at that evil department store.

I cursed them all, went out and looked at my expensive precious device of mine, 
the road home was very heavy and rough to walk with a hell of a steep incline.

But now I have a Samsung-phone, a Galaxy Note II, and it seemed that it was a real bad-ass of the year. 
"Great!" I said. "Finally a phone who will work as good as japanese differential gear!"

There are some other troubles that still haunting and bothers me from the stupid past, 
blaming at my taiwanese phone and it's new lame brother who may not this year outlast.

I really hope I don't get any trouble with this brand new Samsung Notebook II of yours, 
because I think it deserves a shot despite all this and a good walk in the sun outdoors.

Samsung, Samsung, Samsung, you are more than just a notebook,

My life has been turned around, you have me on the hook!

You are my bridge for keeping touch with everybody
Without you my life would simply have become completely shoddy.

It is for you that I am always in the loop about what is happening in the lives of my friends
I have all of their latest news, being without you would be like being a diver with the bends

You are always there to help me to contact and get contacted, no matter where I am
Whether I am at the office desk or driving in the road, I just give it a damn.

It is for you that I never feel away from my home even while being so far away, 
I mean it, dear, now I cannot survive without you even for a day.


Kind regards, Almiro C.


Note: This text was an entry submitted for the Samsung Galaxy Note II competition that was enabled by Telecom NZ. Scoop TechLab is a project of Scoop Independent Media http://www.scoop.co.nz. You can find more about the Galaxy Note II on the Telecom website and Scoop TechLab.


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