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The Nokia 920 Family (Part Two ) And 4 Phones Makes A Family

A review edited by Amanda Cropp for Scoop Techlab

[ Techlab Editor's Note:  In part two of the Christchurch based Cropp family review of the Nokia 920, Investigative Journalist Amanda Cropp asked her husband and two son's to add their views on the Nokia 920 to the mix. ]

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(Image By Ben Wilson taken at Six60 concert a few weeks back, edited using instacam.)

Mark Wilson - Air Traffic Controller

I run my whole life on this phone which is well made, extremely robust, a reasonable size, and has outstanding software. The calendar function means I have ready access to my ever changing shift roster and I can forward this info to my wife’s phone, and to my Outlook calendar on our laptop. Being able to enlarge the icon “tiles” on the screen is a huge plus for someone who needs reading glasses.

The sound quality for phone calls is excellent as the phone’s ability to operate in areas of weak coverage: the toilets at work are in the middle of the building and my old Nokia wouldn’t work there; the Nokia Lumia 920 does.

Nic - 16-year-old school student

I love my Nokia Lumia 920 because it looks stylish and it’s really strong, so I don’t have to worry so much about dropping it. I’ve seen videos on YouTube of the phone being dropped from head height onto concrete and only getting scratched. However, the only downside is that it is pretty heavy.

I like the seamless integration of social media into the Windows Phone 8 operating system. Your contacts are synced with your Facebook friends, with their recent activity and contact details all in one place, while Facebook events are synced to your calendar. Plus there’s the easy to use Facebook app as well.

One of the real draw cards is the Windows system. The home screen is totally customisable with different theme colours for the tiles that can be moved around and changed in size to create my own unique layout.  Some apps take the idea of notifications even further with ‘live tiles’ that show key information on the home screen e.g. the weather app will show the current weather, photos will have a slide slow of your favourite photos and People (contacts) shows a changing collage of Facebook friends’ profile pictures.

While the phone can’t match the processor of the new S4, I haven’t ever had any problems with speed, and the phone has been totally reliable. Texting is easy with the large screen and when I visit New York later this year I’ll use the free worldwide Nokia HERE maps (lifetime updates included).


Ben - 18-year-old university student

WP 20130519 006

(Image: Ben Wilson with his phone taken by Nic Wilson.)


The pdf reader app is good for reading my university lecture slides when I forget to print them out and I also use Microsoft Office to read lecture powerpoint slides. I like the screen size even if my friends take the piss out of me for carrying a laptop in my pocket. The battery life is better than other smartphones and it automatically connects quickly to WiFi it recognises.

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