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The Best For Facebook and Instagram Especially - HTC 8S

By Jesse Jeffries for Scoop TechLab
2013 02 14 17.15.35

Scoop TechLab's techlabster - Jesse Jeffries - is an almost-13 year old. She has taken on the role of reviewing the HTC 8s. Til now this girl has been all about Apple, she has discerning tastes and is very conscious of the status of her accessories. Take it away Jesse…

Now I've had the phone for a few weeks I’ve got a pretty good grip on what I need it for. Mostly I use it for texting, calling and being online - facebook and instagram especially.

The best things about it are the keypad and the camera which make it pretty awesome. The worst thing about it is that it sometimes freezes, but I’ve worked out how to deal with that now!

The music sounds really cool with the beats in it - and together with the Dr Dre headphones it’s perfect for listening to music. It’s a bit of a mission to get the music on the phone though because I use iTunes for my iPod and my Mac, so it’s a few extra steps to get the music to the phone. My family is all Mac-based, so I don’t have an account for Windows that I can use to buy apps or music through.

I’ve got the apps for Facebook and Instagram which is what I mostly use. But there’s not very many free apps that are any good in the store so I haven’t really got into the games or other things. I tried a few but they’re not as cool as on the iPod so I don’t use them much- like instead of Fruit Ninja there’s one called Fruit Slash - but I like Ninja better!

So overall it’s a cool phone - if you’re calling or texting it’s great, if you’re facebooking or on instagram it’s easy, and it looks cool.

What I think it needs though to be a perfect teen phone is more apps in the store, a front camera, and probably not being in a mac household!

Content Note: This post has been enabled by Telecom NZ , but the thoughts are my own. Scoop TechLab is a project of Scoop Independent Media http://www.scoop.co.nz . You can find more about the HTC 8S on the Telecom website and on Scoop TechLab.


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