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Simon Moutter (Interview)

Simon Moutter Telecom

Simon Moutter Telecom CEO

Simon Moutter is Chief Executive and Executive Director of Telecom New Zealand, and is responsible for the leadership, strategic direction and management of the company. He was appointed as Telecom CEO in May 2012, commencing mid-August of the same year. Simon is well attuned to the Telecom business having managed parts of the company in previous roles, most recently as Chief Operating Officer during the years 1999-2008.

Simon sat down with Scoop Editor Alastair Thompson at the end of July 2013 for an extended 80 minute discussion of the company,  its role in the New Zealand innovation eco-system, its internal transformation post structural separation from Chorus, the likely path forward for its products and services and the regulatory environment in New Zealand and how that relates to matters of interest to the company.

You can view an earlier extended interview by Alastair Thompson with Simon Moutter's predecessor at Telecom, Dr Paul Reynolds on Scoop.co.nz HERE.

Thompson's interview with Simon Moutter has been published in the following four parts: